Yttra – your partner in sustainability communications

Yttra helps companies and organizations to describe and communicate the environmental and sustainability performance of their activities, goods and services in a credible way.

We achieve this together with our clients by

  • creating long-term business benefits through a well-founded environmental and sustainability work,
  • developing brands by listening and identifying the opportunities in the client’s business,
  • establishing strategies for communicating environmental and sustainability issues.

Yttra offers assistance in the form of project management, investigations and advice in the fields of consumer policy, environmental and sustainability issues. Dialogue, stakeholder involvement and experience are key watchwords in our work.

Yttra establishes the basis for sustainable brands.

Yttra was founded in 2003 by . Lars has worked with environmental and sustainabillity communication to consumers and business-to-business for 25 years. He has worked with the Swedish Consumer Agency (a governmental authority) on issues concerning the relationship between consumption and environment and has been head of Food & Environment at the Swedish Consumers’ Association. He has also spent several years in the coordination of Swedish industry, agencies and organizations participating in international standardisation work, developing international standards and codes of conduct. Particularly in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions reporting, life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental labels and declarations, “green marketing”, environmental management and energy management.

Lars has a profound experience and skills in the application of the ISO 14000 series of standards and was a board member of the Swedish Environmental Management Council during the period 2010-2014. The Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCo) was the Swedish government’s expert body on sustainable procurement. SEMCo provided support to the public, business and third sector in the following areas: SEMCo’s product-specific criteria for sustainable procurement; the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS); Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). In 2014, the Swedish Government decided to transfer SEMCo’s activities to the Swedish Competition Authority.

Lars Jonsson has worked on a large number of development and stratgy projects related to sustainability and communication, carried out several investigations, coordinated research and attitude surveys and participated in and led a large number of expert and working groups at both national and international level.

We help our customers
to avoid greenwashing.

Lars has also conducted investigative missions for the Swedish Government on the interlinking of national environmental and consumer policy and has a well-founded experience in strategic development, communications efforts and media relations. He has been author and editor of several books on sustainability communications, environmental marketing and labeling and sustainable consumption. Lars is also frequently employed as trainer and lecturer in “green marketing”.

Lars Jonsson, Yttra - Senior Advisor, Sustainability Communications

Lars’ educational background is in environmental sciences, physical geography, environmental management, pedagogics and brand strategy.

Lars Jonsson is a “GRI Certified Practitioner” on sustainability reporting (License ).

Fast Facts about Yttra:

  • Founded in 2003,
  • Owned and operated by Lars Jonsson, Lars Jonsson's profile at about.me
  • Working nationally and internationally through informal partner networks,
  • Office based in Stockholm and Östersund, Sweden
  • Phone: +46 (0)70-695 34 05.
  • E-mail: 

Client list (click to expand)

  • Ageris Customer Contact Center
  • Adunato
  • ALD Automotive
  • AMF Fastigheter
  • BIL Sweden (Swedish Automotive Industry Association)
  • Berghs School of Communication
  • Crafts association of county Värmland.
  • Coca Cola Enterprises Sweden
  • Design Region Sweden
  • Exido International
  • Fortum
  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Jegrelius – Institute for applied green chemistry (Sustainability communication support to participants of network of Swedish Cleantech SMEs):
      • Av Jord
      • Invekta Green
      • Isotimber
      • JustCommonSense
      • Kleenoil Sverige
      • Klättermusen
      • Knycer
      • NordIQ
      • OrganoClick
      • Paxymer
      • Polymerfront
      • Rickfors & Rickfors
      • Rectus
      • RDB Fix
      • re8 Bioplastic
      • Sensible Solutions
      • Solljus
      • Sustainable Cards
      • Svenska Termoträ
  • KTH Royal Institue of Technology
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Region Värmland
  • Sandvik
  • SIS, Swedish Standards Institute
  • Stockholm City Council
  • Swedavia
  • Swedish Association of Environmental Managers (NMC)
  • Swedish Brewers
  • Swedish Consumer Agency
  • Swedish Consumers’ Association
  • Swedish District Heating Association
  • Swedish Environmental Management Council
  • Swedish National Board of Trade
  • Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)
  • Tricorona Climate Partner
  • Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)
  • Umeå Energy
  • Valora Trade
  • Vattenfall
  • Öresundskraft


Swedish to English dictionary:

yttra    mouth, remark, speak, talk, utter, verbalize, say, express an opinion